What Hallmark Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Relationship With Christina Applegate Is Really Like

Both working actors since they were kids, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Christina Applegate had crossed paths a couple of times in Hollywood during their careers. It wasn’t until Applegate was diagnosed with MS, though, that she and Sigler became more than acquaintances. Their mutual friend, Lance Bass (“Bachelor in Paradise” guest host and NSYNC member) thought Sigler, who had already been living with MS for years, might be able to help Applegate with her recent diagnosis. It turns out, they wound up helping each other.

“She keeps me going,” Applegate gushed on “Good Morning America,” admitting, “I’m flipping the bird all day long at this thing. And I’m angry. She’s like ‘I have you, and you’re going to be okay.'” Meanwhile, the “Sopranos” star confirmed that Applegate had given her the courage to acknowledge how tough it was and to be okay with not being perfect. The actors began their friendship with long phone conversations — first about MS, and gradually everything else. “We haven’t stopped talking since,” Applegate told People.

The two women realized other people might benefit from their heart-to-hearts too and they created the “MeSsy” podcast. As Applegate recalled on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “We’d be like laughing and crying and talking for two hours, and I don’t know which one of us was like, ‘let’s just record this, make it a thing.'” Making its debut in March 2024, Sigler described it on “GMA” as: “You’re really eavesdropping on an intimate conversation. That’s all it is.”

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