King Kerby’s ‘Niko Order’ sets stage for ‘Saba Deluxe’ album launch – Nairobi News

In a resounding declaration of readiness, Kenyan rapper King Kerby has unveiled his latest single ‘Niko Order’, signalling the start of his highly anticipated ‘Saba Deluxe’ album.

Aptly named after the Kenyan slang for “I’m All Set”, the track promises to captivate audiences with its fusion of alternative hip hop, trap, Afro-futuristic and RnB elements.

Following the success of his December project ‘SABA’, ‘Niko Order’ appears on Disc B and showcases King Kerby’s evolution and musical versatility. This is his second official release of the year, following January’s DEUCE, a collaboration with Jo’Burg rapper Ta’Eish.

Inspired by the pioneering sounds of Zino D and LD Beats, prominent figures in the Cape Town music scene, King Kerby’s latest offering showcases his vocal prowess amidst spacey, bouncy and emotive beats. Produced by the duo, the track moves from a bass-heavy vibe to a more saccharine tone, reflecting King Kerby’s diverse musical range.

Reflecting on the genesis of ‘Niko Order’, King Kerby emphasises the importance of practice and self-awareness in achieving sonic conviction and mastery. With support from industry insiders such as ZAMA Sessions co-founder Elsie Gitau, who predicts Kerby’s imminent domination of the music scene, the anticipation surrounding the single is palpable.

“It comes with practice and self-awareness,” King Kerby shares.

Shot in Nairobi by acclaimed video director King Khassidy, the music visual for “Niko Order” exemplifies excellence in cinematography, editing and aesthetics. Known for their previous collaboration on the 2023 hit ‘Pray’, Khassidy and Kerby deliver a visually stunning narrative that complements the sonic story of the track.

“I wanted to make a record that pays homage to the moment I’m experiencing as an artist, the amazing people I’m blessed to work with, and the vastness of creativity I’m blessed to conjure and explore,” says Khassidy. “Niko Order is the enigma of everything falling into place perfectly,” says King Kerby.

Described by Deeds Magazine in the UK as “a breath of fresh air in the neo-African hip-hop ecosphere”, King Kerby’s music transcends boundaries, touching on themes of wellness, empowerment and artistic exploration. Niko Order” is a tribute to his journey as an artist, celebrating the collaborative spirit and creativity that define his craft.

Amidst nominations and accolades, including an Unkut nomination for Alternative Artist of the Year, King Kerby is on the cusp of a groundbreaking milestone with the imminent release of ‘Saba Deluxe’.

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