The Stunning Transformation Of Candice Crawford Romo

Candice Crawford Romo and husband Tony Romo continued to expand their family in 2017. The couple now have three sons together, all of whom are a couple of years apart from one another. Candice gave birth to her firstborn son, Hawkins, in 2012, and her second son, Rivers, nearly two years later in 2014. 

Their third child, Jones, was born in August 2017, making Candice an official “boy mom,” a title she relishes. During her pregnancy, she described how her older sons reacted positively to the new addition to their family, telling People, “The older boys are so excited. They were even more thrilled to find out they were getting a little brother. … The best part about being a boy mom is that they keep me active! Whether it’s sword fighting or playing basketball, we are constantly on the go. My favorite time of day is bedtime when we slow down and read stories, snuggle, and talk.” 

And from the very beginning, Tony praised his wife’s parenting skills. “If you get a great wife who understands the demands of someone in athletics, I think that’s important,” As Tony told People not long after Hawkins was born, “I was lucky enough to find someone like that. She’s a great mom and a great wife. It’s been fun just hanging out with her and my son. It’s been exciting.”

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