Corsaletti aims to score high at European LD golf championships

Dar es Salaam.  Former Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club professional golfer Philippe Corsaletti is aiming to score high in this year’s European Long Drive Championships and in other competitions.

Last year, Corsaletti debuted at the European Long Drive Championships, landing an impressive fourth place with a 315-yard drive.  The result has inspired him to aim high in this year’s golf calendar.

He said he will make sure he trains hard before competing in all competitions so that to perform well.

“My aim for the 2024 European Championships is very clear. I target to finish in the top two. This isn’t just about improving my ranking; it’s about setting a new personal benchmark and achieving a dream that’s been years in the making,” said Corseletti.

Some of the event that Corsaletti will compete in this year are the ELDG Big Opening Event scheduled to take place at LD Sports Arena, Kalbach, in Germany and followed by the International British LD Open slated for June 9 at Alder Root Golf Club in the United Kingdom.

The list also includes the LD Castle Open Bad EMS to be held on July 20 at the Golf Club Bad Ems Denzerheide in Germany and later in the UK Hadley Wood Masters to tee off on August 17 in the United Kingdom and he will also compete in the International European LD championships at the Golfanlage Warnermunde in Germany on September 7 and 8.

This year, he has chosen England as his training ground. It is rich golfing heritage and top-tier facilities that offer the perfect backdrop for his intensive preparations, focusing on physical fitness, skill refinement, and mental fortitude.

Corsaletti said, however, that training hasn’t been without its challenges, from adapting to England’s unpredictable weather to overcoming performance plateaus. Each hurdle has been a lesson in resilience and determination.

“I’m grateful for the unwavering support from my coaches, family, and fans. Their encouragement fuels my drive to excel and makes this journey possible. From a promising start to aiming for the podium.

“My journey to the 2024 European Long Drive Championships is a testament to hard work, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As the competition approaches, I’m more determined than ever to realize my objective,” he said.

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