Celebrities Who Have Ancestry Connections With Queen Camilla

Blonde hair isn’t the only commonality between Queen Camilla and American pop star Meghan Trainor. According to the genealogical website Geni, Trainor’s 11th great-grandfather is Camilla’s ancestor, Zacharie Cloutier. Trainor was born on December 22, 1993, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Grammy winner is French-Canadian through her maternal lineage.

In 2021, Trainor and her husband, Daryl Sabara, filmed a video with Ancestry.com in which the pair explored their family histories. The genealogical site revealed that Trainor has some Polish ancestry. In addition to her French Canadian relatives, Trainor’s family tree includes a cattle trader, a shoemaker, and a great-great-grandfather who kept a pet ostrich.

By now, you might be wondering how the Cloutier gene pool produced so many celebrities. Is it the work of a higher power? A genetic anomaly? In actuality, the answer is simple — and a lot less mystical than you might think. Family trees can grow to enormous proportions. Your lineage begins with your two parents, but that number quickly accelerates as you count back through the generations. Backtrack 13 generations, and you’ll find that you have more than 4,000 10th great-grandparents! In Cloutier’s case, his family tree contains approximately 5 or 6 million descendants. With a family tree that size, there’s bound to be a few celebrities in the mix.

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