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There was a moment of laughter at a security meeting in Rangwe on Wednesday, March 27, when a prison chief pleaded with national government administrators to provide him with more inmates to cultivate land at Homa Bay GK Prison.

Prison warden Robert Basigwa said he needed more inmates to help him plough the 110 acres of farmland at the prison.

According to Mr Basigwa, Homa Bay GK Prison the large acreage is used for farming and the crops are used to feed the inmates.

Every planting season, inmates take part in various agricultural activities on the farm. The main crop grown is maize. Vegetables are also grown in other parts of the farm.

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Mr Basigwa said he needed to cultivate the entire farm to maximise the high yield of the crops harvested.

However, he said he did not have enough labour to cultivate the entire field.

“We have a large area of land at GK Prion that needs to be cultivated. But we do not have enough labour to work on the land,” the prison chief said.

He was addressing chiefs and assistant chiefs at Rangwe sub-county headquarters during a security meeting when the county commissioner, Moses Lilan, reviewed the progress of the ongoing crackdown on illicit brew.

In most prisons, inmates are involved in various tasks such as farm work.

Mr Basigwa said in order to make good use of the prison farm, he needed more inmates to work.

“When we conduct raids, we ensure that suspects are arrested. They will then be charged and sent to prison,” he said.

According to Mr Basigwa, he wants to take advantage of the current rainy season to plant maize.

But he said he needed enough labour to do the job.

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In the ongoing crackdown on illegal brewing, the government has closed 203 non-compliant alcohol outlets and arrested 189 people in the district since the operation began.

The affected outlets include bars and clubs that sell alcohol and are located next to schools and other public institutions, as well as dens that produce illicit brews.

Mr Lilan announced that security officers managed to confiscate various illicit alcoholic beverages including 43,830 litres of kangara, 1468 litres of changaa and 340 litres of busaa.

Meanwhile, most of those arrested have been charged to various courts in the county and either fined or convicted.

“We will not relent in the fight against illicit brewing in the county. Operations to get rid of dangerous alcohol and drugs will continue until we destroy the entire system that fuels it,” he said.

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