Who Is RFK Jr.’s Running Mate, Nicole Shanahan?

Per ABC News, before deciding on Nicole Shanahan as his running mate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vetted other potential VPs. Not all the contenders were politicians. While the former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura was believed to be an option, some others were NFL player Aaron Rodgers, Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs,” and civil rights lawyer Tricia Lindsay.

Kennedy Jr.’s campaign director, Amaryllis Fox, went on X, formerly known as Twitter, on March 16 to discuss the contenders: “While I can’t share a name, I will say that I could not be more thrilled with Bobby’s decision. … Regarding the candidates mentioned in the media, each has brought their own incomparable skills, experience and mindset to the campaign in different ways. I am profoundly grateful for them all.” 

It’s unclear how successful Kennedy Jr.’s campaign will be, even with Shanahan as his running mate. Celebrities have lined up to deny claims that they were supporting RFK Jr. in the 2024 election. His family isn’t supportive either, hitting him where it hurts in response to his independent run by calling him out online.

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