Zara Noor Abbas Exposes Lies And Deceit Of Showbiz

Zara Noor Abbas comes from a family of very talented people. Her aunt Bushra Ansari and her mother Asma Abbas are legends. Her husband Asad Siddiqui was also an established star before she made her entry into dramas while Adnan Siddiqui is Asad Siddqui’s uncle. Zara came into dramas after her marriage to Asad and she has not looked back since. She is currently getting a lot of appreciation for her performance in Standup Girl.

Zara Noor Abbas Exposes Lies And Deceit Of Showbiz

Zara was a guest on Yasir Hussain’s The Pick & Drop Show and she talked about her work, pressures of proving herself and the scripts that need to change a lot. She also talked about the fakeness of award shows in Pakistan. She said that she wants to tell people that all awards are fake. People who are going to win are already aware of their win as are those who are going to lose. She said that she does not understand the purpose of these shows to which Yasir added that they are like variety shows and people performing get paid for their work which is nice.

Zara Noor Abbas Exposes Lies And Deceit Of Showbiz

This is what she said:

She also said that all these curated Instagrams of celebrities are fake. What celebrities including her show on their Instagrams is not true. In reality a person is totally different from what they seem online.

Zara Noor Abbas Exposes Lies And Deceit Of Showbiz

Here is what Zara had to say:

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