The Today Show Appearance That Had Eva Mendes Fans Doing A Double Take

Though she achieved superstardom through star turns in films like “Hitch” and “Training Day,” Eva Mendes is turning her attention away from the camera for the time being. She’s a devoted mom to her two daughters with partner Ryan Gosling: Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 7. During her “Today” interview, Mendes confessed to spending close to two hours just getting the girls to bed. (The plea “Just one more story” probably enters in there somewhere.) She added it was “almost a non-verbal agreement” to focus on motherhood while Gosling continues his acting projects. (Surprisingly, their kids were pretty unimpressed to learn Gosling would be playing Ken in the “Barbie” movie.)

When she’s not doing school runs and errands, Mendes is busy with her newest venture: co-owner and brand ambassador for Skura Style, a line of recyclable antimicrobial sponges. The scrub surface fades with use to indicate it’s time to switch to a new sponge. “My love of cleaning comes from my mother,” she told “Today”‘s Adrianna Brach. “My earliest memories are memories of me as a kid waking up on the weekends to the clean smell of the house, like Pine-Sol or Fabuloso, and Latin music playing.” She expanded on the comment in an Instagram post. “When my house is [a] mess — specifically my kitchen — I feel like a mess inside. …[W]aking up to a clean house — especially kitchen — gives me serious joy.” Among those agreeing wholeheartedly was Alyssa Milano, who responded, “I love you.”

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