Jurgen Klopp says 12:30 kick-offs are a ‘crime’ – does Liverpool boss have a point?

If there is one thing Jurgen Klopp will not miss about English football, it is the Premier League’s early kick-off on a Saturday.

The Liverpool boss has made no secret of his dislike for the 12.30pm kick-off time, and referred to it in 2018 as the “breakfast” slot, external.

Klopp took aim at the Premier League and its broadcasters again on Friday, describing the scheduling as “absolutely insane” during his news conference.

He joked: “I was actually waiting for Amnesty International to go to them. I would like to be part of that meeting when someone says ‘Liverpool 12:30’ and the whole room is bursting into laughter.”

On broadcaster TNT, which has the Saturday 12:30 slot, Klopp added: “I had a discussion only the other day with colleagues from our favourite TV channel which I will definitely not watch again, TNT…”

Klopp described his views as “a little advice from an old man on the way out”, and said Liverpool being asked to play “Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday 12.30 is a crime”.

After the Merseyside defeat by Everton in April, Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk complained that the Reds’ next fixture against West Ham, external was given a lunchtime slot.

It prompted Wayne Rooney to tell the Dutchman to “get on with it” – but if Liverpool feel unfairly targeted, then they may have a point.

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