is Dwayne Johnson’s ‘nice guy’ reputation in peril?

Known for its distinctive rectangular containers and throat-drying prices, Voss bottled water is the refreshment of choice for many celebrities. It’s also useful when you need to go to the toilet but don’t want to use a public bathroom. Just ask the world’s cuddliest action hero, Dwayne Johnson, aka wrestling icon The Rock…

That Johnson is partial to the occasional tinkle in a bottle has been on the public record for some time. He boasted about it in an interview with Esquire, saying, “I usually stay pretty hydrated. I need to go to the bathroom a lot… A couple of times during every workout, I have to go to the bathroom. So I break out the bottle.”

He presented it as a fun anecdote – another humanising story from a celebrity who has climbed from hard-scrabble poverty in Hawaii to become the world’s biggest movie star and, until recently, an A-lister eying a shot at the White House. But Johnson’s loopy loo habit has now been cast in a more negative light amid allegations of unusual on-set behaviour – mutterings that could sink his (already pretty moribund) political hopes once and for all. 

It isn’t just that Johnson was using Voss for a purpose surely unintended by its manufacturers. It has been claimed that he asked assistants to then dispose of the containers. “On set, away from his trailer, if he needs to pee, he doesn’t go to the public bathroom,” an insider told The Wrap. “He pees in a Voss water bottle and his team or a PA has to dispose of it.” 

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