Oktagon 57: Stuart Austin hates fighting but is best he’s been

“Imagine something that really matters, like having a job interview, but in front of 10,000 people. It’s horrible.”

On one hand, British heavyweight Austin, 35, who fights in European promotion Oktagon, relishes the prospect of competing in front of thousands of fans.

But on the other is the elephant in the room, an elephant Austin says many mixed martial artists are accompanied by, but refuse to acknowledge – he hates fighting.

“I love training, I love martial arts, I’ve done it since I was five years old. But it’s a horrible experience getting into a cage and fighting somebody,” he says.

“Most of the people who say they enjoy it don’t. From walking out, to standing in front of each other while they do the announcements. Getting in a cage and having someone try and knock my head off… it’s awful man, it really is awful.

“I’m not scared of being hurt, it’s just a horrible experience. It’s the stress of the situation. You’re not fighting for your life but that’s how your body reacts to it and, as I get older and wiser, I just don’t enjoy it at any more.”

It’s rare for fighters to admit their dislike for competing but Austin points to former UFC star Nick Diaz as an example of one who has, external.

“Nick Diaz is the biggest fighter’s fighter there is, he’s the coolest guy to have ever done it. But he has plenty of interviews where he says he hates doing it, he doesn’t want to do it,” said Austin.

“Sometimes you don’t want to do something but if you’re good at it and can make money… there’s plenty of people out there who don’t want to go to work on a rainy day.”

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