Ghazal Siddique’s Magical Anti-Dandruff Serum Recipe

Ghazal Siddique is an actress and host loved by the audience. She was an instant hit with the audience when she appeared on PTV and she has worked in both Urdu and Sindhi dramas. People loved how pretty she was and how she was always so down to earth. Ghazal Siddique also has hosted a morning show and then she moved to Canada with her family. She has been back in Pakistan and made her debut with last year’s Ramadan drama Chand Tara. She also has a YouTube channel of her own.

Ghazal Siddique's Magical Anti-Dandruff Serum Recipe

Ghazal Siddique still looks as fresh as she looked when she started on television. Her hair is to die for and her thick and long hair always prompts the audience to ask for suggestions. She has a recipe for anti-dandruff serum and she shared it with her fans.

Ghazal Siddique's Magical Anti-Dandruff Serum Recipe

She shared to add apple cider vinegar, neem leaves, coconut oil and blend all these ingredients together. Add tea tree oil to it later on and apply it to your scalp. Keep it in your hair for an hour or two and then wash it off. Then boil neem leaves in the water and put it in a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar. This can be sprayed on a damp scalp to stop dandruff.

Ghazal Siddique's Magical Anti-Dandruff Serum Recipe

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