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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah have struck a deal to share knowledge on bhang and eradicate “silly politics in Luhyaland”.

The two met – and by Wajackoyah’s admission shook hands for the first time – in Nyandarua County on March 26, 2024, during the burial of the late Dorcas Wangari Mahihu, the mother of Priesthood Church Bishop JJ Gitahi, in Kaimbaga village.

Mr Wajackoyah also revealed that he has a 34-year-old daughter named Wangui with the sister of Bishop Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre.

He said he was an advocate of bhang “which is different from the one that is smoked… the one I have in mind is the industrial one”.

Mr Wajackoyah said he would contest the 2027 general election “and me and Gachagua will have tea again and plan about it”.

He urged Mr Gachagua to use government machinery “to know the Luhya politicians who are playing barbaric politics in Luhyaland, especially in Bungoma”.

He said, “Those who are doing this are the ones you (Kenya Kwanza administration) gave power to”.

He said, “We want you people from the hills to teach our Luhya politicians how to practise sound politics without kupayuka and kurushania mawe (heckling and stoning each other)”.

Mr Gachagua said he was illiterate on bhang issues “as I only know about the sigara kubwa that is killing our children”.

He said he would invite Mr Wajackoyah for a cup of tea so that he could enlighten him on the good usage of bhang.

“I am not well educated and my understanding can be slow. But over a cup of tea, I will invite you to explain to me about this good bhang,” he said.

Mr Wajackoyah said MP-designate Sabina Chege was his client “and you should help me spread the gospel that I am not a crazy person”.

Wajackoyah is a lawyer by profession, in addition to being a presidential candidate.

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