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Media personality and host of the ’10 over 10′ show, Azeezah Hashim, is riding high on the waves of excitement after hosting the Raha Fest which featured international superstar Davido as the headliner.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Azeezah couldn’t contain her excitement as she spoke about the incredible opportunity to share the stage with Davido, expressing that hosting him was a dream come true for her.

“For the little girl who used to look for artistes backstage and struggled to attend events, I am super excited about the whole thing,” Azeezah shared.

“I have prepared a lot for this event and I know I have done a great job. This is the biggest stage I have ever stepped on.”

Reflecting on her journey to this milestone, Azeezah admitted that it hasn’t been an easy road.

She opened up about battling imposter syndrome and the challenges of overcoming doubts about her worthiness of such opportunities.

“It comes with a lot of imposter syndrome, where people question whether you deserve it,” she admitted.

“Some people may look at it as if it happened overnight, but it has taken many years to be where I am and things are starting to fall into place now.”

Azeezah shared her aspirations to leave a lasting legacy, aiming to become one of the greatest presenters Africa has ever seen, crossing borders to make an impact in Hollywood.

She emphasised her desire to pave the way for other young talents, especially women, to follow in her footsteps.

“One of the greatest presenters Africa has ever had has crossed the borders to Hollywood to do things that have never been done before and when I get there, I want to go with the whole community of young ladies and gentlemen,” Azeezah said.

Drawing inspiration from both international icons like Oprah and local figures like Amina Abdi and Caroline Mutoko, Azeezah stressed the importance of paving the way for future generations.

“I don’t deserve it, but my fans, who I don’t even know, have chosen to always support my journey and I am grateful for that,” she said humbly.

“I just want to know that everything that has played a role in your success, including all the struggles you go through, is a way to show the future.”

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