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Any East African artiste who wants to perform or create artistic works in Tanzania will now have to pay Tsh300,000 (Ksh15,000) instead of the previous Tsh1 million (Ksh51,000) for a work permit.

This is according to the latest directive from Tanzania’s National Arts Council, Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA), which has moved to review its previous fees in a bid to encourage more foreign artists to work in Tanzania.

“Previous regulations state that any foreign artist who wants to indulge in any artistic work in Tanzania, such as a performance, has to pay for a permit. An artist from the East African region was required to pay Tsh1 million (Sh51,000) and one who is not from the East African community would part with Tsh1.5 million (Sh77,000) for the work permit,” says Kedmon Mapana, BASATA’s Executive Secretary.

He adds, “But the previous regulation never specified what fees should be charged if it’s a band or a group. So it meant that even if it’s a band or a group, each leader had to pay the Tsh1 million or Tsh1.5 million for the permit.”

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But the executive secretary now says they have since revised the cost downwards, with the Arts Council subjecting the new amendment to public participation – a process that is currently underway.

“What we have now proposed in the new regulation is that if it’s a group or a band, for example if it’s a choir band from Burundi or Koffi Olomide with his set of 20 dancers, then the group or band will pay US$500 (Ksh66,000) for a permit.” Mapana explained.

For an individual artist,  he or she will now have to pay Tsh300,0000 (Ksh15,000) if the said artist is from the East African Community.

“But if one is not from the East African region, then we are proposing Tsh500,000 (Ksh26,000). The aim here is to encourage Tanzanian entertainment stakeholders and promoters to invite as many artistes as possible to work in Tanzania. Our aim is not to be an obstacle but a facilitator. We want every entertainer to be happy doing business in Tanzania,” said Mapana.

For expatriate artistes who have residency in Tanzania, BASATA has revised the cost of a work permit from Tsh50,000 (Ksh2,600) to US$100 (Ksh13,000).

“Why did we do this? To protect our local music and entertainment market. The new regulations will come into effect in July this year,” Mapana said.

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