Vigilantes lynch Mexican woman suspected of role in kidnap and killing of young girl

Residents of a Mexican town lynched a woman whom they believed was involved in the murder of an eight-year-old girl after police arrested three people on suspicion of involvement in the child’s murder.

The girl disappeared from the tourist town of Taxco on Wednesday and her body was found on a highway the next day.

She appeared to be the victim of a financial kidnapping following reports that her family received anonymous telephone calls demanding a ransom.

Locals immediately suspected a man and a woman as being behind the crime after security footage apparently showed them loading a black bag thought to contain the body into the boot of a car.

On Thursday, residents blocked one of the main streets of Taxco and gathered outside a house where the woman and two men were located, demanding justice.

Beat with sticks

They dragged out the trio, doused them in gasoline and beat them with sticks.

Video footage shows dozens of people kicking and punching a woman, who was wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans. Her body then goes limp as she is left lying in the street, her face obscured by a mass of hair and blood.

In another video, a man is seen being yanked from the custody of police by a mob. The vigilantes pull the man from an officer on the back of an official police truck and throw him to the ground. People then take it in turns to kick and punch him with virtually no resistance from police.

The woman died and the two men were hospitalised.

On Sunday, Guerrero state prosecutors said a man and a minor were arrested on Saturday “for the crime of femicide” along with another man the day before on similar charges. They did not clarify whether that included the men attacked by the mob.

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