Tragedies Of Film Star Laila’s Life Will Break Your Heart

Pakistani film industry had a golden era. There used to be big stars who people were dying to see live and Laila was one of them. Laila is a starlet who was famous towards the very end of the film industry, right before its downfall. She has worked with all the big names ranging from Shaan to Meera and Reema. She has been missing in action for the past few years and she shared what tragedy befell her in the past 3-4 years.

Tragedies Of Film Star Laila's Life Will Break Your Heart

Laila was on Sahiba’s show and she shared that she has become more religious after the Covid days. She did her first ever Ibadat on Shab e Barat 3 years ago and since then she has been transforming back towards her real self “Saira” from her film personality “Laila”. She revealed that in a few years, she lost her mother, her father and her two brothers. She was very close to her brother who was also a makeup artist. She revealed that he was slow-poisoned and left this mortal world. She then lost her youngest brother and all of this put her in a state of shock. Laila also lost her home and cars and she was in shambles. She went through a nervous breakdown after this.

Tragedies Of Film Star Laila's Life Will Break Your Heart

Here is what she revealed:

She also appreciated Ahsan Khan. She said that Ahsan was the only person who called her after she lost her house and gave her good advice on what she should be doing. She said many people left her but Ahsan’s one call put a smile on her face.

Tragedies Of Film Star Laila's Life Will Break Your Heart

This is what she shared:

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