The Reported Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Famous Hair Is Even Stranger Than We Thought

Seth Rogen took advantage of his work relationship with Stormy Daniels to ask her what she knew about Donald Trump’s hairdo at the time they had their alleged fling. “He said to her that he had had a dream like, Samson and Delilah and that he, like, felt as though his power, like, rested in his hair, and that if he lost it, he would lose his, like, power and his stature,” Rogen says in the new “Stormy” documentary. He added that while Trump is aware his poufy style is “ridiculous … [t]o him that is preferable than cutting it off because he has, like, superstitions about it.”

For those shaky on their biblical facts, Samson was a warrior whose superhuman strength derived from his uncut hair. Delilah, a Philistine woman, seduced him and cut his hair as he slept, enabling him to be captured by his enemies. While Trump’s hair obviously does get the scissor treatment every so often, he’s particular about his styling. At a rally during his first campaign, Trump protested against aerosol bans, complaining that pump sprays left “big blobs” in his hair. “I wanna use hair spray!” he cried (via Page Six).¬†Maybe there’s something to superstitions after all, since¬†Trump’s 2024 campaign is rolling steadily along. But will his hair power be enough to keep him from a guilty verdict in the hush money case involving Daniels? Only a jury will know for sure.

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