the big business behind Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy drama

On the back of this success, Sheridan – who likes to wear a white cowboy hat and battered blue jeans in photo shoots and on the red carpet – has built a network of commercial projects. These include actor-training cowboy camps at one of his ranches, and renting his ranches, horses, cattle and other holdings to the shows he’s making. 

A Wall Street Journal investigation found Sheridan’s favourite locations are his own Texas ranches, which he rents to Paramount for as much as $50,000 a week, charging the company $214,000 for his cowboy camps. And at the centre of this empire is the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, a vast 225 square mile operation with around 4,000 cows, 200 bulls and 1,000 horses. Sheridan persuaded his production company 101 Studios and a New York private equity firm Yucaipa Companies to jointly purchase with him for $341 million in 2021.

He’s already launched a Four Sixes-brand clothing line and a pickup truck as well as Four Sixes beer and home delivery beef, both of which feature prominently in Yellowstone’s season five – Dutton’s daughter Beth is stunned to find that Four Sixes beef  “sells out?!” in the season finale. But he’s not selfish about product placement. Coors is the show’s Official Beer Partner, Lucky Brand has a denim tie-in and the Yellowstone Product Placement Database lists 376 individual paid-for placements from an Apple MacBook Pro through a Bentley Continental GT to Carhartt jeans.  

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