PCCB/ TAKUKURU Call For Oral Interview, March 2024

PCCB/ TAKUKURU Call For Oral Interview, March 2024

PCCB/ TAKUKURU Call For Oral Interview, March 2024

Director General of the Institute for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (TAKUKURU)
would like to announce to the public that the face-to-face interview (Oral Interview) for who applied for job vacancies(TAKUKURU will be held in Dodoma starting from 02 April, 2024.

1. The interview date is from April 2, 2024;
2. The interview will be starting at 2:00 am every day;
3. Everyone called to the interview must come to the interview on the day and the time allotted to him with the following documents:-
3.1 Original copies of academic certificates (Various professions and courses)
3.2 Three “Passport Size” photos
3.3 Original copy of birth certificate
3.4 National ID number (NIDA) or card
3.5 Address, phone number and photos of two guarantors;
4. Submitting forged documents is a criminal offense;
5. Everyone who comes to this interview should pay for themselves;
6. The names of all the people called to the interview along with the location interviews please see PDF Below
7. Those who pass the face-to-face interview will be notified.

P.O. Box 1291,

Dodoma, 41101.

Date: March 25, 2024.

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