Jerry Seinfeld calls Hugh Grant ‘a horrible pain in the ass’ to work with

This is far from the first time Grant has been described as challenging to work with.

His interview with supermodel Ashley Graham at last year’s Oscars was described as “curt” by The Washington Post. Speaking of his appearance as a little orange-faced Oompa-Loompa in Wonka he said: “It was like a crown of thorns … I couldn’t have hated the whole thing more.”

He has an excuse. In an interview with Elle in 2009, Grant told his interviewer: “I’m grumpy. My mother had a theory about Englishmen: They are permanently all two gin and tonics under par. They need two gin and tonics to become human.”

Pop-Tarts: a ‘perfect vision of the future’

Seinfeld told The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the idea of a film about Pop-Tarts came to him during the pandemic.

“Stuck at home watching endless sad faces on TV, I thought this would be a good time to make something based on pure silliness,” he said. 

He had previously based a stand-up routine on his reaction as an eight-year-old to first seeing the breakfast snack. “I was in the supermarket with my mother, and I was like: ‘Hold up, hold up – what the hell is that?’ ” he said. “When you open the packet, there’s two. Why? One’s not enough; three is too many – that’s why. It was perfect. Perfect vision of the future from Kellogg’s.”

In his skit, Seinfeld deconstructed the Pop-Tart as “a frosted fruit-filled heated rectangle in the same shape as the box it comes in, and with the same nutrition as the box it comes in”.

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