How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Really Felt About Family Guy’s Brutal Depiction Of Them

As humiliating as the “Family Guy” joke was, some believed it paled by comparison to an episode of “South Park” that aired earlier that year. “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” episode showed “the prince of Canada” and his wife moving to South Park for a quieter life away from media scrutiny. They moved into a house right across the street from Kyle, one of the series’ wisecracking kids. Far from being reclusive, however, the royal duo appeared on talk shows, hung banners on their new home, and walked around town waving signs saying “Stop Looking at Us!” and “We Want Our Privacy!” Their antics were so rowdy — setting off fireworks and playing polo in the front yard — Kyle had to call the police for disturbing the peace. Prince Harry’s startling memoir “Spare” was lampooned in the episode as a book called “WAAAGH,” suggesting the prince’s painful memories were little more than childish whining.

The biting parody was said to have left Meghan “upset and overwhelmed,” according to sources who spoke to The Spectator. Rumors even flew about a possible lawsuit against the show creators, but a rep for the couple quickly shot down the murmuring. Speaking to The Guardian, the Sussexes’ spokesperson said, “It’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.” Though the couple might not have been thrilled, other family members reportedly were. Omid Scobie’s royal biography “Endgame” claimed William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales, found the “South Park” episode “hilarious,” per The Express

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