‘Don’t throw away your vote’ on ‘freaking p—-‘ RFK Jr, says JFK’s only grandson

Since Robert F Kennedy Jr announced his independent bid for the White House bid last October, he has received little support from his own family.

The rest of the Kennedy clan, including his own siblings, have condemned his campaign and backed Joe Biden, describing their relative as a “threat” to the United States.

Now a millennial family member has come up with a novel way of opposing Mr Kennedy’s presidential run: mocking him on Instagram.

Jack Schlossberg, the only grandson of John F Kennedy, has released a series of videos in which he puts on a heavy Boston accent in the comic persona of a voter called Jimmy.

“A lot of people talking about Robert F Kennedy Jr,” he says from the front seat of his car.

“You know, I’m a fan of his father and you know, his uncle – rest in peace. I remember the day where I was the day he was killed. I mean, it was a tragic day. The entire country wept.”

“Jimmy” then goes on to criticise the campaign.

“But listen, that guy, he’s a p—-, the new guy, the young guy, he’s a freaking p—-,” he says.

“He’s lying to you, alright? ‘Independent’, ‘third party’, yeah freakin’ right. He’s got Trump’s donors. He’s got Trump’s advisers, him and Trump go away freaking back. Don’t be fooled by that. Don’t throw away your vote.”

The 31-year-old lawyer continues: “Vote for Biden. It’ll feel good. It’s gonna be fun! We’re gonna keep growing. This economy is gonna keep freakin’ booming. We’re gonna boom, everybody’s gonna get freaking loaded.”

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