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Alright, let’s talk sex. Right off the bat, how does that make you feel? Awkward? Uncomfortable? Excited? Sly? Cheeky? We’re here to tell you that your response isn’t good or bad, and it doesn’t make you a worse or better person. That’s just how you feel, and your feelings don’t determine who you are. Now for the real questions:

Is it wrong to have a dirty mind?

The short answer is… Not at all! Sex is just part of being human. Some of us have it, some of us don’t. Most everybody thinks about it in some form or another, though, the same way we think about what’s for dinner or which movie we want to watch later. The beautiful thing about your thoughts is that they’re your own, and nobody else can hear them if you don’t want them to. Which brings us to our next pressing question:

When is it appropriate to say something dirty?

That depends on who you’re with! A close group of friends who know that you like to crack filthy jokes now and then is probably fair game, as long as you’re not saying things about them that make them uncomfortable. But a professional environment like school or work? That’s usually a no-go. Same for when you’re hanging around young kids, or people who you don’t know very well. Sex is natural, as are dirty thoughts, but everyone has their own feelings and reactions, and it’s important to keep that in mind to stay respectful to those around you.

How can I keep things appropriate if I have a dirty mind?

If you have a tendency to let those dirty thoughts slip out, but you want to stay polite in a more serious setting, or just anywhere that kind of thing might not be welcome, the trick is thinking before you speak. Ask yourself: Do I know these people are comfortable with that sort of language? Is this comment relevant to the conversation? Is it something I have to say right now? Is it PG, or is it more of an R-rated comment that’s better for a more private situation? When in doubt, keep things PG. You might also:

  • File away dirty jokes for another time.
  • Redirect your thoughts by thinking about something a little boring, like the wallpaper.
  • Ask a friend to give you a signal if you start saying something crude.
  • Never perform suggestive or sexual physical actions unless you have the other person’s consent. Consent applies to suggestive comments, too!

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