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Today, technology is growing stronger and stronger. Smartphones are one of the leading icons of this modern trend. Along with that, developers released a lot of applications to help users use smartphones easier.

When it comes to smartphones, we can not help but mention the Android operating system. It is the most popular mobile operating system globally and has an app store system of nearly 1.5 million applications. Having too many applications sometimes makes it difficult for users to find the most useful and practical tools.

If you are having trouble interacting with your ‘best friend’, you should consider Clickmate – the application that supports touch and swipes in manual mode. Join me to explore this top-notch support app!


Clickmate is an application from the developer INSCODE. This Android app developer has been established since 2015. They have recently released two most prominent apps: Clickmate and Skinlion – Get CS: GO Skins. Both of these apps have received pretty positive downloads and reviews. This success shows the trustworthiness of this developer.

As mentioned above, Clickmate – Macro Touch Repeat, Autoclick [NOROOT] is an application that works on the Android platform. INSCODE updates all versions at regular intervals. They released the most recent version 6.0.4 on July 29, 2020. Since its launch, Clickmate has received more than 881.7 thousand downloads, along with 4.6 thousand of votes. The unique thing is that it also received quite high votes on the CH Play Store.

To let you know more about this application, I will introduce you to it. When you install Clickmate, you will record and playback your touch input in recording mode. Furthermore, if you want to do it manually, you can also create touch gestures yourself. In short, Clickmate will interact with the phone for you without having to touch the screen. But only if you pre-set it that it can help you.

Some apps supported on the Android operating system need to be rooted, but Clickmate does not. This feature is an outstanding advantage that many users highly appreciate. It is convenient.

Clickmate is compatible with over 2000 devices available like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, and many more. The options are varied, so you can easily download it at any time.

Story of Clickmate

Users have to perform their movements many times for some applications on the phone. Most of this is usually playing games, especially the genre plowing and farming games, train monsters.

Or it could be activities that require repeated movements for a long time in an application. Now you need to get help from apps like Clickmate. It will help you to set up repetitive actions on your device. Currently, there are many different automatic click software, and it makes it possible to simplify the click process by automating it. These are the efficiencies and many convenient options it brings to the user.

Clickmate is an automatic click software similar to QuickTouch. It will record your clicks and automate them. It can be used for a variety of applications, including games and other office applications.

This app is a great choice when you need to click repeatedly on the same location for a given activity. It is advantageous in RPGs where you have to perform the same action for materials to gather or gain experience.

Clickmate will automatically click without your interaction on the screen. This application can simulate the clicking of your finger anywhere on the phone screen. It saves you from having to do repetitive tasks that require a lot of clicks and gives you more time to do other things or rest.

Features of Clickmate

Two Main Modes

Recording Mode

If you use this mode, you can record and reproduce touch input. What’s more, you can also use the bar’s built-in navigation to do things like back, menu buttons, and screenshots. You can record tasks and easily repeat it as many times as you like. The outstanding advantage of this mode is that you absolutely do not need to root your phone.

Manual Mode

To do this, click the app. Then, click on the point of your choice on the screen. You touch or flick and wait for the magic to manifest! You can customize these actions as desired, such as the duration of swipes and taps, the number of repeats, and how long they are repeated.


Clickmate can be used to assist you whenever you need a click. You play games, use apps without batch processing capabilities to handle hundreds of files, or click any web page.

Create Schedules And Coordinates

Clickmate presents you with every feature that might help. It shows you the exact X & Y coordinates of the clicked point. You can record multiple click points and save them as scripts for later use and repeat. The interval between each click can be changed, and you can even set a schedule to stop clicking.

Save Your Time

This Android application can help you to click certain parts of your phone or tablet screen quickly. But first, you have to perform the actions so it can remember how it was pressed. Then it can apply the same thing on your phone’s screen.

In general, Clickmate helps in games that are quick and multiplayer tap-based, where the same maneuvers have to be done in the same place to achieve something. It is also useful in other cases for doing various activities, especially gamers.

Additionally, you will also have more features, such as:

  • Creates multiple click points with different execution intervals
  • Timer mode will help you turn off the clicks
  • Save and execute the profiles that you have preset
  • User-friendly interface, simple to use

How To Use Clickmate?

To use the app, permit it to be visible to other apps. Then in the main view, click Start: Select multi-target mode. Immediately a small toolbar will appear on the phone screen.

You can press the plus sign to add the clicked point, it will in order, move the clicked point to the position you want to click multiple times. If you click only at one point consecutively, you simply add a one-click point to that location.

Likewise, if the application you are using requires multiple clicks, add that many points to click automatically. Next, press the top triangle button to run an auto click. Of course, the clicked point will execute itself according to the number of times you clicked. Then it will repeat from the beginning.

Some Notes When Using Clickmate

  • If you select an application as the target, you cannot close it while click mode is active (On state).
  • When you click Pause, the feature is only paused, so when you want to turn it off, click Turn off that mode.
  • You can resize the target circle and the control bar in General Settings.
  • If you find it challenging to do this, you can refer to the Instructions section.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Clickmate MOD APK is a practical and convenient user support application. In particular, those who regularly play games that need constant interaction should not ignore this fantastic application. With this auto click application, you will not have to do much work while playing games or using apps or available tasks.

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