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Comedian Eddie Butita has once again responded to those questioning his ownership of his Sh5 million Jaguar XE.

The funny man acquired the wheels last year as an upgrade to his first car, a Nissan Tilda, which he bought for Sh850,000,

When he first flaunted the car on social media, claims emerged that he was showing off someone else’s ride. Some even argued that the car belonged to a cougar – an older woman.

“At some point, I think I will just have to sell this car. Why don’t people believe in this craft that we’re doing? I have done so many things, so many great creative projects. Even the president once said that I make more money than his basic salary. Does that mean that with all that I do, I can’t just work hard and make enough money to get a good car? Why should I have to depend on a sugar mummy to get me a car? I just don’t understand the argument,” says Butita.

Since Butita broke up with comedian ex-girlfriend Mamitto after a long on-again, off-again relationship, he has been romantically linked to a number of women, including the said anonymous sugar mummy.

Butita has always denied being romantically involved or being bankrolled by the cougar, stating that the rumour is a creation of social media.

Since bursting into the limelight via the once-popular Churchill Comedy Show, Butita has been on a path of reinventing his craft, taking advantage of various creative opportunities that have been rewarding for him, including screenwriting.

But the growth hasn’t been easy, as he recently revealed that the Churchill Show platform was a living hell, thanks to a lot of gatekeepers.

“There were people there who were really gatekeepers, they didn’t want you to succeed. For example, I used to have good performances every week, but I never got a chance to be on the Churchill Show. Someone decided that I should always appear on Churchill Raw,” Butita claimed in an interview with fellow comedian Obinna.

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