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From a scientific and nutritional standpoint, weight loss revolves around one core principle: burning more calories than you eat in a single day. But weight management doesn’t exist in a vacuum: tons of factors can contribute to a person’s weight loss journey, from a busy schedule to their genetics.

At the end of the day, weight loss is less about reaching a certain number and much more about being the happiest and healthiest version of yourself that you can be. But how do take that first small-but-ever-so-important step forward?

  • Think about adding to your food rather than taking away from it. On your weight loss journey, it can be downright overwhelming to think about all the foods you “can’t have” anymore. Instead, focus on how you can make some of your fave foods even healthier. For instance, you might order a burger from your favorite fast food joint but enjoy it with some healthy sides, like steamed broccoli or an assortment of mixed nuts.
  • Rethink your relationship with fats. As a food group/nutrient, fats have definitely gotten a bad reputation over the years. And while some fats definitely aren’t great for you (we’re looking at you, trans fat), polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats most certainly are. Try to stock up on ingredients that are rich in these healthy fats, like walnuts, avocados, flaxseeds, canola oil, and olives.
  • Switch up your go-to beverages. Soda can be a tasty sweet treat on occasion, but it’s not the best for you in the long run. Stick with drinks like low-fat milk or unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea and coffee. Water, of course, is the best drink out there when it comes to hydration—but if you’re tired of sipping plain old H2O, infuse your glass or bottle with herbs and chopped-up fruit (e.g., strawberries, oranges, lemons, mint, etc.).
  • Practice mindful eating habits. Mindful eating is all about being intentional about what you eat and drink throughout the day. Whether you’re sitting down for a meal or enjoying a snack, focus on engaging as many of your senses as possible as you eat and drink. Savor and appreciate each bite, and really dive into the experience of enjoying your food.
  • Add exercise to your schedule in accessible ways. Dedicating at least 30 minutes to exercise each day can feel overwhelming (if not impossible) after a long day of classes or work. Instead, try incorporating exercise into your daily routine in small but meaningful ways—you might take the stairs rather than the elevator, for instance, or take a few minutes to stretch your legs and walk around at work.
  • Incorporate your dog into your exercise routine. Taking your dog for a walk accomplishes 2 things: it gives your dog plenty of fresh air and mental stimulation, and it also gives you an excuse to get your blood pumping a little bit. Exercise can feel a lot more manageable when it’s naturally plugged into your schedule!
  • Make your sleep schedule a top priority. All adults need at least 7 hours of shut-eye each night, while teens need 8-10 hours to feel refreshed and alert. Try sticking to a consistent bedtime and bed routine that works for you—ideally in a cool, dark, and electronic-free space where you can relax and unwind without any trouble.
  • Practice gratitude each day. Practicing gratitude is all about focusing on the little things in life that bring you the most joy and meaning. Try keeping a journal where you jot down a few positive things that happen each day, like a meaningful conversation with a friend or a tasty meal you enjoyed. Appreciating the little things can be a huge boost to your daily mindset!

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