Asma Abbas On Putting Up With Flirtatious Husband

Asma Abbas comes from a very talented family but she carved her own path to success with determination and hard work. She got married at a very young age and her husband did not allow her to work in the media. She started in the industry very late but still managed to become one of the most loved artists in dramas. She was a guest on Wasi Shah’s show and she was very candid about her life and experiences.

Asma Abbas On Putting Up With Flirtatious Husband

Talking about her husband’s flirtatious nature, she said that all men flirt a bit. She knows her husband loves her so much and he has his own boundaries so a bit of fun flirtation is okay and she does not mind it. She added that she is okay with this as she was her husband’s second wife and she does not believe in suffocating her life partner. Asma said that this is not like a man will always cross limits, sometimes mental levels just match which make for a good conversation.

Asma Abbas On Putting Up With Flirtatious Husband

This is what she said:

She also revealed her bond with her husband’s first wife. She said that she is thankful that her husband’s first wife accepted her and they lived together for 12 years. Asma Abbas shared that they always lived with respect and camaraderie and her husband always maintained a balance and did justice to both wives.

Asma Abbas On Putting Up With Flirtatious Husband

Here is what she had to say:

She also talked about how financial independence changes things for a woman. She said that as soon as a wife starts earning, she definitely gets more respect from the husband and all women should be financially independent.

Asma Abbas On Putting Up With Flirtatious Husband

Listen to what Asma had to share:

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