Ali Haider Shares Hilarious Story About Hassan Jahangir

The music industry of Pakistan has gone through many ups and downs. Pakistan always had big stars in the world of music and Pakistani music is loved worldwide. Ali Haider is one such name who was a phenomenon in the 90s while Hassan Jahangir is also a big name of his era. His song Hawa Hawa is still as loved today as it was when it was released.

Ali Haider Shares Hilarious Story About Hassan Jahangir

Ali Haider recently appeared on a podcast and he had a hilarious story to share about Hassan Jahangir. Ali talked about how Pakistani stars get most of their due after they get famous in India. Talking about the virality of Hawa Hawa at that time, he revealed that Hassan Jahangir had become a phenomenon after his song. He got a massive response in India and also performed there.

Ali Haider Shares Hilarious Story About Hassan Jahangir

Quoting metaphorical figures, Ali revealed that if Hassan was taking 500 for his performance back then, he was asked by an organizer in Pakistan what he will take now as he is super famous. He said that 15 would be okay and then performed for his event. After Hassan Jahangir went home, he had gotten 1500 rupees while he had asked for 15000 rupees.

Ali Haider Shares Hilarious Story About Hassan Jahangir

This is what he revealed:


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