7 STEM Career Opportunities to Consider

Choosing a career path is an exciting milestone. It can also be overwhelming and stressful. If you just graduated from college, you may already have an idea of what step you want to take next. If you haven’t figured it out just yet, that’s perfectly fine — and you’re not alone. But it’s still ideal to focus on a direction and put a plan into action that includes what type of education you should enroll in after college, and what types of experience you’ll want to add to your resume, such as internships and current certifications. 

If you’re fascinated with science, have an interest in technology, or a love of data and numbers, consider an exciting and lucrative STEM career. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of career choices. STEM encourages critical and analytical thinking, collaboration, and other principles which are essential for succeeding in most industries. Let’s review some of the top STEM career opportunities to consider pursuing.

Software Engineer

Software is one of the major backbones of the technology industry — in all respects. Software engineers are responsible for the software creation process from the beginning to the end. They design, develop, and implement software for all types of platforms. For instance, software engineers create web apps, video games, cloud productivity and mobile apps, security apps — basically, anything you do in today’s online world. Aspiring software engineers not only need to learn basic engineering principles, but they should also be technologically adept and receive formal training through an accredited software engineering program

DevOps Specialist

If you’re interested in programming, consider working as a DevOps specialist. DevOps is a technique that blends both development and operations to ensure the software development process runs smoothly from beginning to end. DevOps specialists have knowledge and expertise in programming and information technology — a perfect example of a top STEM career opportunity. 

As a DevOps specialist, one of your primary tasks is to be an agile developer and create software with a highly automated workflow in mind. If you pursue a career as a DevOps specialist, you may work for a small or medium-sized organization, an enterprise, or you may even be a freelance DevOps specialist who takes on clients. With your skills and knowledge in IT operations and software development, you’ll want to understand how your employer or client’s business operates and how they use technology. You would recommend the best system to help things run more efficiently and with a DevOps approach. Whether you have knowledge in software development or you’re learning about DevOps for the first time, enrolling in an accredited program that focuses exclusively on DevOps is a necessity if you’re interested in pursuing this exciting STEM career. 

Statistician in Data Science and Business Analytics

Statistics and data are an essential component to making savvy and informed business decisions. As a statistician who works exclusively with data science and business analytics, you will analyze data to solve problems and respond to business challenges. Statisticians in data science and business analytics often use things like surveys and polls as tools to collect the information they need and to come to constructive conclusions. Individuals in these roles are organized, critical thinkers, and analytical. Their duties also include creating reports that clearly explain their findings to other key members of the organization. In order to succeed as a statistician in data science and business analytics, you should be good with numbers and enjoy working with data. You’ll also want to be familiar with artificial intelligence (AI) since it plays a primary role in data analytics and business statistics these days. Whether you are brand new to statistics and data analysis or you have limited experience, receiving adequate training through a comprehensive program can prepare you for an exciting role as a statistician in data science and business analytics. 

Cloud Architect 

Cloud architects deal primarily with cloud-based technology and platforms, from the initial design through the building stage. They also maintain these platforms once they are up and running, including monitoring cloud activity, migrating applications to the cloud, and defining computing loads. A STEM education background is ideal for anyone looking to pursue a role as a cloud architect, such as Simplilearn’s Cloud Architect Master’s Program. Technical skills are also essential, and you should have a clear comprehension of your client’s or organization’s business goals and plans. Cloud architects are also good at managing others, network design, and staying on top of technology trends. 

Full Stack Web Developer

Web development is a key technology role and another great STEM career opportunity to strive for. As a Full Stack web developer, in particular, you will be an expert in coding and work on the front- and back-end of websites to ensure they operate as they should and provide good user experience. Because many web development tasks and projects tend to overlap with the design of a website, it’s also helpful for Full Stack web developers to have design skills as well. JavaScript, Docker, Node.js, and Angular are just some of the many technical skills that full stack web developers should have, and enrolling in the relevant training program can prepare you for a full stack web developer role.

Working as a full stack web developer is perfect for those who prefer to freelance, as more and more companies are taking on full stack web developers as independent contractors. As an on-site full stack web developer, you will frequently interact with other members of your company’s marketing or IT departments. This in-demand role only continues to grow, so if you’re looking for a career path that promises job stability and tremendous opportunity, working as a full stack web developer is an ideal STEM career opportunity to pursue. 

Big Data Administrator

Big data administrators work with computer databases within businesses. They organize, store, and secure large, important data sets that most organizations rely heavily on to make informed business decisions. Because businesses depend so much on this data and understand the importance of keeping it organized and secure, big data administrator positions are growing in demand. Some candidates major in computer science or other relevant fields of study during college, but a college degree is not necessarily needed to pursue a role as a big data administrator. In fact, enrolling in specialized training that focuses solely on big data administration can be an even better way to receive adequate training for this role. 

IT Manager

An IT manager will often oversee team members working in the other roles previously mentioned in this article, among others. They have the knowledge, experience, and skills to manage an IT department that can support an organization’s technology needs. Some of their duties include installing and upgrading computer systems, implementing security measures to protect systems from viruses and hackers, upgrading software, and other tasks. If you aspire to be an IT manager and you’re just starting out in the industry, your first step is to enroll in the right training program and earn your certification. Depending on your specific interests, multiple programs and certifications can be the perfect way to embark on your new career. Simplilearn offers courses and programs that are suitable for aspiring IT managers, that are ITIL 4 Certification Course and the ITIL Capability Expert Program. Anyone brand new to information technology can also get started with Simplilearn’s ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Training.

An entry-level job can be the best way to get started in the industry and can give you the opportunity to add relevant on-the-job experience to your resume. As you gain more experience and earn additional certifications, you can ultimately work your way up to landing a lucrative role as an IT manager. 

Enroll in Training Geared Toward STEM Career Opportunities

If you have an interest in STEM career opportunities, enrolling in a specialized course that focuses on the career path you’re interested in is the next step. Whether you picture yourself developing software or analyzing data sets, the perfect career is out there for you, and it all begins with receiving the right training and earning your certification

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