30 Job Opportunities at VETA Tanzania

30 Job Opportunities at VETA Tanzania

30 Job Opportunities at VETA Tanzania

30 Vacancies Open at VETA Tanzania

Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) is inviting applications to fill mentioned vacant below;

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994 amended edition Cap 82 of 2219 established the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). Overseeing Tanzania’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is the main goal of VETA’s foundation.

Its duties include promoting, organizing, supplying, regulating, and ensuring sufficient and steady funding for the nation’s VET system. “Tanzania with sufficient and competent artisans” is the objective for VETA. In order to support socioeconomic development, VETA’s mission is to guarantee Tanzanians high-quality, demand-driven vocational skills through the provision, promotion, regulation, and financing of Vocational Education and Training.

Open Positions and Description

1. Vocational Teacher II(Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) – 3 POSTS

  • To create training programs and lesson plans;
  • To get ready the necessary instruments and apparatus needed for demonstrations or presentations;
  • To teach trainees from level one (I) to level three (3) of competency in an effective and efficient manner using lectures, conversations, performances, and demonstrations that are meant to influence knowledge, skill, and attitude in order to generate trainees with the necessary competencies;
  • To prepare and use assessment instruments, such as written, oral, and product assessments, as well as log books, to conduct formative and summative exams to gauge students’ level of competency.
  • Holders of a refrigeration engineering diploma or full technician certificate (FTC). The candidate must hold a
  • Vocational Teachers Training Certificate or be prepared to obtain one within VETA as soon as they start working there.

2. Vocational Teacher II (Plumbing and Pipe Fitting) – 4 POSTS

  • To impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes to trainees at levels one (I) through three (3) of competency in an effective and efficient manner through lectures, discussions, and performances that are meant to influence knowledge, skills, and attitude in order to generate trainees with the necessary competences;
  • Building or Civil Engineering Diploma.

3. Vocational Teacher II (Filter Mechanics)

  • Offering trainees counseling through in-person conversations and advice in order to assist them with direction and guidance for a better life
  • Mechanical Engineering Diploma.

4. Vocational Teacher II (Design Sewing and Cloth Technology) – 18 POSTS

  • To compile trainee assessment forms and create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and terminal implementation and progress reports to assess the status of training.
  • A diploma in textile technology and clothing.

5. Assistant Vocational Teacher (Secretarial Studies) – 3 POSTS

  • Must take part in the display of instructions to trainees in order to effectively transfer the desired attitude and practical expertise.
  • Holders of a Trade Test Grade I Certificate in Secretarial Studies or NVA Level 3 certification.

6. Assistant Vocational Teacher (Handloom Weaving)

  • Holders of a Trade Test Grade I Certificate in Handloom Weaving or a National Vocational Award Level 3.

REMUNERATION: Compelling compensation package in line with the institution’s wage scale.

Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 29th May, 2024;

NOTE: All applications must be submitted via the Recruitment Portal at https://portal.ajira.go.tz/, and not in any other way. (This address is also available on the PSRS website; select the “Recruitment Portal” link.)

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