A 35-year-old woman of Ndola has been sentenced to 16 years simple imprisonment for defiling her son’s eight-year-old friend whom she enticed to her matrimonial bedroom.

During trial in Ndola Magistrates Court, it was heard how Sandra Mwale, a housewife, defiled her son’s friend, a Grade 1 pupil, by luring him into her bedroom, where she engaged in sexual activity with him.

The victim’s guardian, of Lubuto Township, narrated that her nephew informed her that while at his friend’s place, Mwale called him to her bedroom, undressed him and defiled him.

She said when she asked the victim if that was the first time Mwale was doing that, the boy stated that it was the fifth time.

In her defence, Mwale told the court that it was not possible for her to defile an eight-year-old boy because she enjoys sex with her husband three times in a night.

Mwale accused the child of teaching her son “bad manners” and claimed that she found him with his friends engaging in sexual activities on an iron pole.

Her husband, Lameck Mwale, 37, also defended his wife stating that there was no way she could have defiled the juvenile and claimed that he was at home on the date the incident is said to have taken place.

However, she was convicted by the lower court, which established that the child was consistent in submitting evidence by describing the colours and clothes Mwale was wearing on the material day.

When the matter came up in Ndola High Court for sentencing last week, the court noted that trial in the matter was appropriately conducted.

In mitigation, Mwale asked for leniency as she is a first offender and youth who can positively contribute to society.

But Judge Mary Mulanda sentenced her to 16 years imprisonment stating that a perusal of the proceedings from the subordinate court revealed that the child was aged eight and defiled five times.

Zambia Daily Mail

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