Am I Ready For A Relationship Quiz

Being ready for a fulfilling relationship is different from wanting to be in one. When you’re truly ready, it means you’re prepared to give love in a healthy way (and you’re ready to receive it, too!). Before you dive in, check out our pre-relationship checklist below:

You know what you want from a relationship. Long-term or short-term, serious or casual, open or closed—it’s up to you to decide what you want and to communicate that to your partner.

You’ve thought about your needs, boundaries, and deal breakers. You don’t want to get caught up in a relationship that doesn’t serve your happiness. Reflect on what you can and can’t accept before you get involved with someone. Would you stay with an unfaithful partner? Could you handle a partner who is too busy to hang out regularly?

You understand your relationship patterns and you’re working on them. Do you have an anxious attachment style? Maybe you’re working on giving partners more independence. Or, do you have an avoidant attachment style? In that case, your focus might be communication.

You have realistic expectations for your relationship. You know that relationships require flexibility and acceptance. Things won’t always be perfect, but you’re committed to working through your issues as they come.

You know that honest, respectful communication is key. During arguments, your goal will be to find a solution, not to win or to control your partner. You’re ready to use “I feel” statements and to take responsibility when you make mistakes.

You’ll be a dependable and supportive partner. In good times and in bad, you plan on being there for them (just like you’d expect your partner to do for you!). You want to be someone your partner can rely on—which means showing up when it counts.

You plan to affirm and respect your partner. You know that healthy relationships are all about positive interactions. You know that complimenting, thanking, and showing kindness to your partner will be extremely important.

You understand that in a relationship, you should both have your own identities. You know that for the two of you to be truly happy together, you’ll have to live your own lives, too. The passions and people that are important to you now should still be important to you in a relationship.

You plan to continue taking care of yourself while in a relationship. At the end of the day, you know that you’ll both need to be happy for the relationship to work out. You plan on paying attention to your moods, practicing self-care, and doing what makes you happy—even while you support your partner, too.

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